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How to celebrate a birthday during a pandemic

Day to day life when stuck in the confines of home can get pretty boring. For me, the days have started to blend together as I have settled into the same monotonous routine. Even Fridays and the promise of a weekend free of school doesn't generate the same excitement as they once did. So, amidst all of this, how can you celebrate something while still following these sometimes aggravating social distancing guidelines? I celebrated my 17th birthday last week, and have a few tips on how to make events like these feel like the special occasions that they truly are.

Some ideas:

1. Realize that most important things don't change-- your relationships

- Connect with those you love via zoom, email, text, snapchat, facebook, instagram, etc.

2. Plan a special meal at home.

-It doesn't have to be fancy, but think about what your favorites are and prepare it (I went for steak and scallops)

-Make sure to have plenty of desert. Carvel's birthday ice cream cake is a favorite, and can be found at nearly any Publix if you're willing to make the trek outside.

3. Be active

-Go for a walk, or play catch in the yard. Get back to the simple stuff that makes sports fun

4. Stay positive for the future but fully enjoy this day.

-Have gratitude for what you have now.

5. Do an online birthday fundraiser for the cause of your choice.

-Look for ways to do something positive for others. So many studies teach us that helping others actually makes you happier too.

6. Friends and family can do a birthday parade in their cars!

-The best way to send well wishes while remaining 6 feet apart

7. Have a birthday treasure hunt.

-Be creative!

8. Start journaling

-What will my story be when I look back on this day in 5 or 10 years from now? You'll find that the practice of journaling can actually be enjoyable once you get in a rhythm.

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